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Why Triple Laser Projector Outperforms Laser Phosphor Projector

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Laser phosphor projector

A laser phosphor projector uses blue laser diodes or mixed multi-color laser lines which excite phosphor wheels, to produce other required colors as it lacks red and green. The phosphor wheel to achieve the color required will degrade over time. As a result, the color, brightness, and lifespan will have a great impact.

Triple laser projector

A triple laser projector is powered by three primary lasers system (just pure RGB lasers and not hybrid) to individually generate output light and a spectrum of colors. It’s the system /module design that makes the triple laser projector exceed the laser phosphor projector in color and lifespan.

BT.2020 true color

Triple laser projection fully utilizes the colors that are embodied by BT.2020- the unlimited visual colors give you a brilliant cinematic experience.

The BT.2020/Rec.2020 color gamut can reproduce colors that cannot be shown with the BT.709/Rec.709 color space. With a wider color gamut, BT.2020 plays a key role in color level and transition to deliver more true-to-life colors.

Reveal the color difference

between laser phosphor projector and triple laser projector

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