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Looking for co-developers for the world's most compact true triple laser projector

This September, CASIRIS team launched our first Kickstarter campaign for the CASIRIS A6, 4K Ultra-RGB Laser Projector. We have brought this project to life with 158 backers and are now bringing the 4k theater experience to their homes. CASIRIS A6 Black Friday sale is ongoing on CASIRIS Amazon store and website so more people are going to have their first or next triple laser projector.

We know that people's needs for triple laser projectors are different. Portability is somehow a choice for some of them. They may find high-lumen projectors on the market but end up looking for projectors with small sizes. We know that you may have different needs from other people. With a focus on triple laser technology, our R&D team has been working on more projects - the new project is about the world's most compact true triple laser projector.

It has the following confirmed features:

1. Light source: True Triple Laser without phosphor

2. Gamut: 107% BT. 2020

3. Resolution: 1080P

4. Brightness: 1000 ANSI lumen

The size of this prototype [true triple laser-based light engine] is around 150x150x100mm. The mold is under development, and the size of the final device will be smaller and smaller.

Check out the images with high brightness and authentic color! It’s what this small projector could do in the image quality but it can do more!

We are looking for co-developers for the world's most compact true triple laser projector. We are open to hearing your thoughts on what features should be added to this projector and what a reasonable price point should be. Whether you are new to it or you are a projector enthusiast with lots of experience, we are considering sending one or two of these devices to you for a product review. Join us!


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