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A 4K Laser Projector
with True Color


Our Vision

Our vision is using the cutting-edge three primary projection technology,to project a new world with true laser color-a real home theater that every individual could afford.
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Our Mission

Our mission since day one is so clear: to provide you with the best visual experience with the cutting-edge three primary laser projection technology and to empower you with a laser home theater feast at an affordable price. CASIRIS aims to entertain your daily moments at home, enrich your outdoor activities and inspire you with unlimited imagination.
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It All Started

Everyone deserves a real home theater. Since the 1970s, the technical team of CASIRIS has been conducting research on high-brightness laser projection technology. Fifty years of industry expertise in laser projection technology since 1970 has led CASIRIS to the forefront of the laser projection industry. With a professional background in producing laser cinema projectors, CASIRIS home theater projectors will continue to earn customer trust in the same way before.



Successful Large
Laser Light Show Projects
Lumen Record Keeper

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