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Laser projector: expensive or cost-effective?

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

We all know the maintenance of the lamp projectors cannot be omitted, and the costs we pay on it will be increased accordingly. A replacement of new bulbs will be needed if there is any damaged part or after a long period of usage. Besides the "original cost" when purchasing, the "long-term cost" should not be underestimated. Is it really worth the price of a lamp projector with a relatively low budget you had before? Conversely, will it be considered “not worth the price” if you pay for a much more expensive laser projector?

Lamp life varies with the projector model and lamp technology. Lamp projectors feature high brightness, however, it takes time to warm up, and will dim down to 50% of their original brightness over time. Considering the “long-term cost’’, new solid-state projection light sources, namely laser and LED, may be considered a more economical choice than a lamp projector.

The average laser and LED projectors today offer roughly more than 20,000 hrs of light source life which is 10 times longer than traditional projector lamps. In addition, the maintenance cost of the laser projector is basically zero. For the initial price, it continues to drop in price nowadays. It's increasingly accessible for the majority of budgets.

Large venues like theaters, exhibition halls, and schools are more likely to utilize laser projectors considering their frequent use with better long-term value. Besides the lower costs, laser projections have higher lumen output, strong color saturation, and clear image quality.

We believe there will be some time to come for more people to experience the latest laser projector technology. If you have the budget for laser projectors, it’s worth considering them in your first projector or next AV upgrade.

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