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Four Reasons to Consider a UST Projector

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

What is an ultra-short throw projector?

Ultra-short throw projectors, or USTs, are designed for placement on a tabletop, shelf, or cabinet just inches away from the wall or screen.

Thanks to their convenience and functionality, there are more and more UST projectors are coming to serve a home theater for personal use. Having a theater-like or binge-watching experience is now much easier to replicate with a UST projector.

Well, let’s jump into the four reasons to consider an ultra-short throw projector.

1. Having a limited space?

Long-throw projectors always need a large room to perform the optimal ability. If you've got a small space, ultra-short throw projectors might be the way to go. Ultra-short throw projectors are ideal in smaller spaces, such as offices and living rooms with relatively small sizes. Even in a small bedroom, you could still immerse yourself in a private theater. Having a limited space? Not a big deal! The limitation of space can almost be ignored.

2. No more disruption

With an ultra-short throw projector, you don’t need to worry that the projection screen will be blocked if you walk in front of the screen. Nothing to get in the way! This is also very friendly for presenters in the office or teachers in the classroom. They can be fully engaged and focused at that moment of presentation or teaching. Both them and the audience are more interactive.

3. Big screen with an ultra-short throw distance

No matter how narrow the space is, a large and accurate picture can be projected from an ultra-short throw projector. Most of the traditional long-throw projectors are mounted to the ceiling, and the screen size is fixed for almost a lifetime. However, you could adjust the screen size from 80'' to 120'' with an ultra-short throw projector. This is also the spatial adaptability and flexibility of a UST projector.

4. Combination of functionality and visual aesthetic

Modern people not only care about the device's function but also pay more attention to the combination with the interior design. Ceiling-mounted projectors in a way affect the interior design style, while ultra-short throw projectors are more inclusive of the space and more decent. Some well-designed UST projectors can also add style to your home.

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