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Ultra Short Throw Projection

CASIRIS Projector provides you the best audio-visual experience with 1080 FHD image from 80'' to 100''.

short throw projector

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short throw projector

Compact Cinema
large screen

Ultra short throw projection enables 80'' to 100'' projection size with FHD image.

Exceedingly realistic image, vibrant color and booming sound to fully immerse you into cinematic experience.

Compact design with luxury gray and silver, adding style to your home

Ultra short throw projector
Ultra short throw projector
short throw projector

Have a cinematic experience

Your Professional Home Cinema!
20% as small as similar projectors
Ultra short throw projector 1080P

FHD 1080p for Crystal-Clear Image and Text

The True Full HD 1080p high-definition for enhanced visual quality, with lossless fine detail. CASIRIS V8 brings image to life and ensures legible text when displayed at up to 80’’ or more with Texas instrument DLP cinema technology.

HDR 10 for Brilliant Color and Unparalleled Video Content

Reaching 108% of REC. 709 HDTV standard color space and featuring Amlogic T972 with a powerful CPU subsystem, CASIRIS unlocks rich and vivid colors with impressive brightness at any time and any position, along with exceptional full high definition sharpness for text

Ultra short throw projector HDR10
  projector Booming sound

Booming Sound for Cinematic Enjoyment 

The design of booming 2x15 watts with 2.1 sound system is tailored for the home theater environment. Sit back and enjoy your favorite movie and music with the perfectly enhanced surround and bass. 

Easy connectivity for all devices

Versatile connection options to quickly connect all your devices, including 2x HDMI 2.1, USB-A, and WIFI. You don't bother to find an extra adapter for your game consoles, Apple TV, Roku Sticks, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, or Satellite receivers to connect to the HDMI ports

Compact and brilliant design for your home theater

CASIRIS Z4 is designed with luxury gray and silver. The elegance and modernity under ambient light perfectly fit into your space. The way of compact and luxury design adds style to your home. 

Ultra short throw projector_edited.jpg

Your professional home theater

Immersive cinema experience

Ultra short throw projector

Just 12’’ from the wall for a gigantic 80’’ projection

CASIRIS ultra-short throw projection provides a hyper clear image projection and massive 80’’ to 100’’ screen size with just 12 inches(30.5cm) between the projector and the projection surface.

Ultra short throw projector

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By submitting your information, you consent to receive marketing communications from CASIRIS Projection. You agree to our Terms of Use and have read and understand our Privacy Policy.


True Full HD 1080p Resolution

Color/White Brightness(Lumens): 400*

Low 30ms latency
for gaming 60hz refresh rate

15"-80" projection size

TI DLP cinema technology

Light source lasts over 
30,000 hours

LED RGGB 4 channels with 108% REC. 709 cinema coverage

1,920 x 1,080 pixel resolution

HDMI Input: Up to 4K 60hz input



AI driven fast autofocus

Auto Keystone with
TOF technology

Premium digital zoom

Four projection modes

3 sound presets

HDMI 2.1 with CEC function

Built-in 2.1 speakers (2x 15w)

(1.5A max + multimedia player)

2x HDMI 2.1

Dual Bluetooth 5.0 connection

Jack 3.5

Fan noise:


Night Mode: 22.6dBA

Normal Mode: 24.1dBA

Presentation Mode: 29.3dBA

Measured according to ISO21118-2020

100-240v, DC 20v / 4.5A , 90w

USB-A (1.5A max in), for dongles like Amazon Fire Stick, Roku,Google Tv



154 x 135 x 180mm
/ 6.06 x 5.3 x 7.09in

1.8kgs / 3.5lb

Comes with



Remote control with 2x AAA battery

Quick start guide with warranty card

HDMI Cable

Charger and cables (UK, CH, US, EU)

1 years worldwide warranty

1 years software update

access to our Help Line and Call Centers

access to our community database

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